Sunday, June 15, 2008

Final Report

June 15, 2008

Job #11/17
Report: 4/x
Subject: “Jackson Creature”
Status: Eliminated

Subject was eliminated Saturday, June 14th at 18:26 in [location designate: XX075]. [Location designate: XX075] is an abandoned residence known for harboring homeless addicts. Subject was injected with massive amounts of heroin before his heartbeat stopped. Local authorities arrived on scene at 09:16 on June, 15th after receiving a distress call at 08:59, regarding an “unresponsive individual” by a “concerned passerby.” Authorities have released an official statement to local media that the death of a local vagrant has been attributed to a drug overdose.
Subject’s past has raised many questions. Luckily, I was able to ascertain the truth from the mind of one, already a mile down the rabbit hole. Jackson Creature’s real name is Leonard Philips. Philip’s father worked closely under James Creature’s father. While the young James Creature was being primed as a prodigy and heir apparent to Creature Incorporated, Philip’s father would blame Leonard for not being as brilliant and motivated as James was. Envy quickly turned into alcohol dependence for Philip’s father, which led to a history of abuse for Leonard. The real tragedy is that a four-year-old Leonard Philips was being compared to a teenaged James Creature. Leonard idolized James Creature and tried to emulate him in every way possible.
When Philip’s father passed on, his final words to his son were “You’ll never be like James. You’ll always be a failure.” Leonard Philips was now utterly and completely alone in this world. Soon after his father’s death, Leonard became a ward of the state, under the supervision of Dr. Richard Frank.
Frank, of which I had the opportunity to meet late last month as you recall, had files on Leonard Philips. These files detailed the trauma of Philip’s past, and observed a persona that Leonard Philips had created in the wake of his abuse, calling himself “Jackson.” It was a classic case of dissociative identity disorder. Dr. Frank decided that the best method for Leonard to cope with the demons of his past, would be if he embraced the “Jackson” persona and allowed it to flourish. Soon, Leonard Philips became more “Jackson” than anything else. Jackson believed that he was a by-product of the great mind of James Creature. He soon created an elaborate background detailing himself as the illegitimate son (or clone, this guy was a real whacko!) of James Creature.
As you know, a certain incident occurred a few months ago that involved Mr. Creature and one Greg Gallows. Somehow, Leonard heard about this (of which I’m still trying to figure out from whom) and decided it would be the most opportune time to insert himself in that little tale. Jackson, as he now called himself constantly, decided to try and contact Mr. Gallows and convince him that he had information that could help him. Luckily for yourself, and Mr. Creature, I intercepted this little message. Apparently Jackson correctly identified one personality trait of James- the ability to manipulate people to get what he needed. Sadly, in his state, he couldn’t correctly identify who can be used, and who will turn around and go against you.
The thing is, Leonard Philips did inherit some interesting files on Creature Incorporated from his father. In light of recent events, none of that information is useful anymore. However, there were some intriguing dealings early in the company’s history with some very interesting individuals. It would appear that Dr. Richard Frank had also recently worked with an array of especially gifted children. He had comprised comprehensive case files on each child. It truly is a small world we live in. I think that I am going to hold onto these for safekeeping, specifically to give myself some insurance if I ever need it.
As for further payments, they are unnecessary. If knowledge is power, then a king am I.
This final report has been made public, for all the little boys and girls who have been scratching their heads wondering for the past couple of weeks as to who Jackson was. Miss Morning(star), it’s been a pleasure working with you. You know my new name. :)